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     We took the time to ask people around the community  the top reasons  why they think vaporizers are a better  smoking choice for them and this is  what they had to say.                                                  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1.  Your Health - Vaporizers have no carcinogens which is the leading cause of cancer from smoking.                                        Smokeless tobacco too is very harmful and can cause a myriad of diseases including, throat, and mouth                            cancers. Stop coughing and wheezing. Feel healthier and be free to do things you couldn't do while smoking                    without running out of breath or tiring easily all while adding years of healthy existence to your life.                   

  2. The Health of Others - We all know the deadly affects of second hand smoking to adults, children, and                                even animals. Although some choose e-liquid with nicotine which alone has only 9 toxins others choose cigarettes          which has on average over 7,000 toxins
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          3. The Money Honey - Here the numbers speak for themselves. When I was a smoker I went through a pack of                    cigarettes a day at $6 a pack. Now check this out. $6 x 7 days = $42 a week. So $42 a week x 52 weeks in a year =            $2,184 a year.This doesn't even include the cost of those 3 dollar lighters I was buying every week. Now we                      compare that to $12 a week that I spend on vapor and coils to smoke the same amount for 52 weeks, $12 X 52                weeks = $624 a year. This means I now have $1,560 in my pocket that I didn't have last year. So where are we                going for vacation?

 4.  First Impressions - Vapor products are very clean unlike tobacco which carries a strong, lingering, and sometimes          repulsive odor, stains clothes, teeth, and can age your looks drastically. It leaves dirty ash everywhere,                              puts burns in things, ruins interiors of homes and vehicles and of course don't forget the butts, Oh and somewhere        to put those butts. Enough said, you get it.

 5.  The Environment - There has been countless tragic losses of life and property that has occurred throughout history        due to smoking mishaps. According to the United States Fire Association accidental fires caused by smoking                    accounts for 9,000 residential fires every year in the U.S. alone and make up 17% of all residential fire deaths. It is        also reported that smoking related fires have totaled a cost of over 303 million dollars worth of property damage           every year since 2007.
6.  Great for Activities and the Outdoors - Vaping offers you a convenient way to enjoy the feeling of smoking without         the irritating side effects of combining it with outdoor activities. Water for example does not mix well with                       cigarettes. Any slight rain or poolside splash can ruin an expensive pack easily and render a lighter                                     completely useless. Our quality vaporizers are sealed up tight to keep them water resistant and they all have                     internal  battery powered heating sources so wind is also no longer a factor.           

         We hope this has helped to shine a little light on why you should make vapor your new smoke. If you have something new to add please contact us via our blog or any of our media outlets and let us know. We would be happy to add them to to our list.